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Jeryll Adler, Executive Director, Pacific StagesExecutive Director, Founder Pacific Stages

Over the last five years, Jeryll Adler has cultivated her vision for the creation and development of Pacific Stages by drawing from a multi-faceted career in the fields of the arts, entertainment, media and business.

Discovered early in her professional pursuits as an innovator and leader, Adler moved quickly to management level positions, honing her development skills at The American Place Theatre as their Director of Marketing, along with successful tenures at companies such as Capital Cities/ABC, Inc, The New York Times Women’s Magazines Group, and at The Chateau Marmont, Inc where she was instrumental in developing their first glossy in-room Guest Book.

Adler founded the marketing department for indie WIRE, the lead news source for the independent film industry, working closely with clients such as Sony Classic Pictures, October Films, IFC/Bravo, AVID, ASCAP, BMI, Absolut Vodka, Apple Computers, The American Film Institute, The Screen Actors Guild, The Writers Guild, and The Directors Guild of America. In 1999, on indie WIRE’s behalf, she created a partnership with Hewlett Packard Company for The Sundance Film Festival, initiating the first ever on-site four color daily in Park City. The following year, major news organizations including Time Warner and Variety adopted Ms. Adler’s concept. Several years later this relationship was acquired directly by the festival and remains in place to this date. Also at Sundance ‘99onbehalf of indie WIRE, she co-produced an event for over 700 guests that became the hottest ticket of the festival.

These combined coups led her to land a top spot at a promising startup, the West Coast based Broadcast DVD, as their VP of Advertising and Promotion. Eventually, this latter enterprise would relocate her from New York to the West Coast in August of 2001.

In the meantime, however, Adler’s most rewarding venture in the arts and entertainment world of New York City was the result of doors that opened in her pursuit of a producing career. This came about after Adler was approached by a group of actors from ABC’s Daytime division to found a theatre, The Rogue Repertory Company, rooted in their love of the stage and a desire to express their selves with great dramatic literature and beyond the Daytime arena. For this company, over a two year period, Adler produced, promoted, raised money, and grew the company from six to sixty actors, running in the black from their very first production. She leveraged relationships with the local news media and the national daytime press to not only produce three full productions and countless fundraisers, but expanded the constituency for classical plays to include an audience of hundreds of Daytime fans and school children from the tri-state area and nationwide, fans who had no prior experience with this category of theatre. On behalf of Rogue, Adler produced Marivaux’s The Double Inconstancy, Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors and the World Premiere of playwright and novelist Gordon Dahlquist’ Severity’s Mistress.

After her arrival in Los Angeles, shortly after developing the concept for Pacific Stages, Adler first collaborated with Circle Rep West to produce a series of one acts at The Zephyr, This Is Not What I Ordered.

For the past five years Adler has been a sales consultant to The Art house Marketing Group, a nationwide cinema marketing network representing theatres such as Laemmle in Southern California and Angelikain New York and Texas. Her clients include DeBeers, Rolex – The Ashes & Snow Exhibit, Jaguar, Land Rover/Range Rover, American Express, Epson and Volkswagen. This work has also leveraged her existing relationships in the Independent Film Community and enabled her to secure a unique and valuable benefit for Pacific Stages future, exposure – at no cost - throughout the Laemmle chain in their digital pre-show.

Additionally, Adler is the General Partner of a family real estate business, Adler Realty Associates, owners of commercial properties in Northern New Jersey.

As a member of New York Women in Film & Television, she has been an invited speaker to that organization on the subject of fundraising and was an invited speaker to The Lake Placid Film Forum for a panel discussing the impact of digital technology on screenwriting. She is also a proud member of The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and The Actors Equity Association.

Adler attended The North Carolina School of the Arts as a Theatre Major, and transferred in her Sophomore Year to Sarah Lawrence College, where she received her Bachelor of the Arts degree. During her time in college she was also the recipient of an internship with WNET, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting affiliate in New York City, and consulted with the BBC on a critical early study of fiber optic technology and interactive cable system installations. At the tender age of 22 Adler contributed to documents that are considered by some prescient to the development of the Internet, and foreshadowing an early indication of her vision, innovation and passion for the expansion of communication possibilities that have informed her work in the development of Pacific Stages and its mission.

In addition to her central interest in the arts as a way of strengthening community and inspiring our youth to commit to their personal visions, Ms. Adler is an avid reader and a lover of great interior design and architecture. She makes her home in Redondo Beach with her two canines, Grace and Stella Adler.

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